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Bioinspired Multifunctional Au Nanostructures with Switchable Adhesion

Mo, Xiu, Wu, Yunwen, Zhang, Junhong, Hang, Tao, Li, Ming
Langmuir 2015 v.31 no.39 pp. 10850-10858
Cicadidae, Raman spectroscopy, adhesion, droplets, geometry, gold, hydrophobicity, nanomaterials, nickel, wings
Inspired by the self-cleaning of cicada wings, well-aligned Au-coated Ni nanocone arrays (Au@Ni NAs) have been fabricated by a simple and cheap electrodeposition method. After surface modification of n-hexadecanethiol, self-cleaning can be realized on this long-lived superhydrophobic surface with extremely low adhesive force. Switchable adhesion is obtained on its complementary porous surface. The porous Au structure is fabricated by a geometric replica of the nanocone arrays. After the same surface modification, it shows superhydrophobicity with high adhesion. The different adhesive behaviors on the two lock-and-key Au structures are ascribed to their different contact modes with a water droplet. Combining the superhydrophobic properties of the two complementary structures, they can be used to transport precious microdroplets without any loss. The bioinspired periodic Au@Ni NAs can also be potentially employed as surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrates due to its electromagnetic enhancement effect, especially at the tips of the nanocones. Thus, superhydrophobic, SERS, long-lived, self-cleaning, microtransportation functions are realized on the basis of the two surfaces.