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The Effect of Nisin on the Growth and Heat Resistance of Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris, Alicyclobacillus herbarius and Alicyclobacillus contaminans in Kiwi Juice

Jiangbo, Zhang, Xinghua, Liu, Tianli, Yue, Yahong, Yuan
Journal of food processing and preservation 2017 v.41 no.4
Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris, bacteria, beverages, food preservatives, fruit juices, germination, heat tolerance, juice industry, kiwifruit, nisin, pasteurization, spoilage, spores, vegetative cells
In the present study, the effect of nisin on the growth and heat resistance of five isolates and three reference strains from three species of Alicyclobacillus in kiwi fruit juice was investigated. The three Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris strains and the Alicyclobacillus herbarius isolate C‐ZJB‐12‐55 could multiply below 5 IU/mL of nisin. The growth of all strains could be inhibited by 20 IU/mL of nisin. When no nisin added, the average D₉₀C values of the strains ranged from 12.43 to 37.36 min. The average D₉₀C values decreased with the increase of nisin concentration, and the decrements ranged from 0.41 to 16.48 min for different strains when the concentration of nisin increased to 100 IU/mL. The growth conditions and heat resistance of strains from A. acidoterrestris were the best among test strains, followed by A. herbarius strains. Strains from Alicyclobacillus contaminans could not grow even in kiwi fruit juice without nisin added. PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: Alicyclobacillus are a group of bacteria which can cause the spoilage of juice and beverage products, and nisin is a widely used food preservative. This study first proved that nisin can weaken the heat resistance of the spores of Alicyclobacillus in kiwi fruit juice during the pasteurization procedure, and inhibit the germination of the spores as well as the growth of the germinated vegetative cells during the subsequent procedures. These results would be useful to the kiwi fruit juice industry to control the contamination of Alicyclobacillus and also have practical value for other juice and beverage industries against Alicyclobacillus.