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Agrobacterium deltaense sp. nov., an endophytic bacteria isolated from nodule of Sesbania cannabina

Yan, Jun, Li, Yan, Han, Xiao Zeng, Chen, Wen Feng, Zou, Wen Xiu, Xie, Zhihong, Li, Meng
Archives of microbiology 2017 v.199 no.7 pp. 1003-1009
Agrobacterium radiobacter, Sesbania cannabina, aldehydes, alpha-ketoglutaric acid, bacteria, carbon, citric acid, endophytes, essential genes, fatty acids, lactulose, nucleotide sequences, phenotype, phylogeny, polysorbates, ribosomal RNA, river deltas, root nodules, sequence homology, China, Yellow River
A Gram-negative, non-spore-forming, aerobic rods, strain YIC4121ᵀ, was isolated from root nodule of Sesbania cannabina grown in Dongying (Yellow River Delta), Shandong Province, PR China. Based on phylogenetic analysis of 16 S rRNA gene sequences, strain YIC4121ᵀ was assigned to the genus Agrobacterium with 99.7, 99.3, 99.0, 98.8 and 98.7% sequence similarities to Agrobacterium radiobacter LMG140ᵀ, A. pusense NRCPB10ᵀ, A. arsenijevicii KFB 330ᵀ, A. nepotum 39/7ᵀ and A. larrymoorei ATCC51759ᵀ. Analysis of the concatenated housekeeping genes (recA-atpD-glnII), showed lower sequence similarities (≤94.6%) between strain YIC4121ᵀ and other recognized Agrobacterium species. Strain YIC4121ᵀ shared whole-genome average nucleotide identities (ANI) 87.94, 91.27 and 77.42%, with A. pusense NRCPB10ᵀ, A. radiobacter LMG140ᵀ and A. larrymoorei ATCC51759ᵀ. The predominant cellular fatty acids were C₁₉:₀ cyclo ω8c, summed feature 2 (C₁₂:₀ aldehyde/unknown 10.9525), summed feature 8 (C₁₈:₁ ω7c/C₁₈:₁ ω6c), C₁₆:₀ 3 OH and C₁₆:₀. The G + C content of strain YIC4121ᵀ was 59.80 mol%. Tween 80, lactulose, citric acid, α-ketoglutaric acid, glycyl-L-glutamic acid and 2, 3-butanediol could not be utilized as carbon source, distinguishing strain YIC4121ᵀ from the other related species. Based on the distinctly genetic and phenotypic dissimilarity, a novel species Agrobacterium deltaense sp. nov. is proposed with YIC4121ᵀ (=HAMBI 3654ᵀ = LMG 29283ᵀ) as the type strain.