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Effect of storage conditions on virulence of Fusarium avenaceum and Alternaria alternata on apple fruits

Tarlanović, Jelena, Grahovac, Mila, Milić, Biserka, Keserović, Zoran, Magazin, Nenad, Petreš, Mladen, Miodragović, Maja
Phytopathologische Zeitschrift 2017 v.165 no.9 pp. 595-601
Alternaria alternata, Fusarium avenaceum, ambient temperature, apples, cold storage, control methods, cultivars, essential oils, fruits, fungal diseases of plants, necrosis, oregano, plant pathogenic fungi, plant rots, shelf life, storage conditions, virulence
To overcome difficulty in phytopathogenic fungi control during storage of apple fruits, the effect of different storage conditions on the occurrence and development of Fusarium avenaceum and Alternaria alternata infections on apple cultivar “Cripps Pink” was investigated during and after storage. Inhibitory effects of wild oregano essential oil on apple fruit rots caused by F. avenaceum and A. alternata were also tested as possible rot control measure. Artificially inoculated apple fruits were kept in cold storage with normal (NA) and controlled (CA) atmosphere for 95 days and at room temperature only. The obtained results indicated that different storage conditions significantly affect necrosis development on apple fruits caused by F. avenaceum and A. alternata after storage, as well as during shelf life.