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Self-Assembly of Silver Nanowire Ring Structures Driven by the Compressive Force of a Liquid Droplet

Seong, Baekhoon, Park, Hyun Sung, Chae, Ilkyeong, Lee, Hyungdong, Wang, Xiaofeng, Jang, Hyung-Seok, Jung, Jaehyuck, Lee, Changgu, Lin, Liwei, Byun, Doyoung
Langmuir 2017 v.33 no.14 pp. 3367-3372
atomization, droplet size, droplets, encapsulation, liquids, manufacturing, nanowires, silver, surface tension
In a nanowire dispersed in liquid droplets, the interplay between the surface tension of the liquid and the elasticity of the nanowire determines the final morphology of the bent or buckled nanowire. Here, we investigate the fabrication of a silver nanowire ring generated as the nanowire encapsulated inside of fine droplets. We used a hybrid aerodynamic and electrostatic atomization method to ensure the generation of droplets with scalable size in the necessary regime for ring formation. We analytically calculate the compressive force of the droplet driven by surface tension as the key mechanism for the self-assembly of ring structures. Thus, for potential large-scale manufacturing, the droplet size provides a convenient parameter to control the realization of ring structures from nanowires.