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Fluorescence Spectroscopic and Thermodynamic Studies of Chlorophyll Containing Monolayers and Vesicles. Part I: Mixed Monolayers of Pheophytin A and Lecithin

Heithier, H., Galla, H.-J., Möhwald, H.
Zeitschrift für Naturforschung 1978 v.33 no.5-6 pp. 382-391
chemical elements, chlorophyll, fluorescence, phase transition, separation, solubility, solubilization, spectroscopy, thermodynamics
Mixed monolayers of pheophytin a and α-ʟ-dimyristoyl lecithin (DML) are investigated on the water surface. The studies gain their special value from the simultaneous measurement of surface pressure and fluorescence intensity as a function of the covered area per molecule. A phase separation in the liquid state of the monolayer is established. Phase 1 exists almost exclusively of pheophytin molecules. Phase 2 exists essentially of DML domains solubilizing pheo­phytin in a concentration of 15 mol%. During the DML main transition the pheophytin solubility decreases to about 2 mol%, the excess pheophytin being precipitated within the surface layer. During the pheophytin main transition an ordered structure below the surface layer is formed. A stabilizing interaction between the pheophytin domains and their environment is observed and discussed. A sharp fluorescence change at a pressure below 0.5 dyn/cm indicates another phase transition. It very probably involves an unwrapping of pheophytin from water molecules.