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Comparison of Para-Selles Bailenger/Kop-Color Fumouze, Para-Selles-Iodésine/Kop-Color II Fumouze diagnostic kits with conventional microscopic methods in identifying intestinal parasitic diseases in Senegal

Sow, Doudou, Dieng, Yémou, Haouchine, Djamal, Niang, Khadim, Niang, Thiane, Sylla, Khadime, Tine, Roger Clément, Ndiaye, Magatte, Ndiaye, Jean Louis, Faye, Babacar, Faye, Omar, Gaye, Oumar, Dieng, Thérèse, Izri, Arezki
Journal of parasitic diseases 2017 v.41 no.3 pp. 814-822
Blastocystis hominis, analytical kits, color, cost effectiveness, diagnostic techniques, feces, helminths, parasitoses, patients, rural areas, staining, Senegal
In the context of controlling intestinal parasites, accurate diagnosis is essential. Our objective was to evaluate the performance of new diagnostic kits compared to conventional microscopic methods in identifying intestinal parasites. Faeces collected in rural area in Senegal were subjected to several detection techniques. Thus, the sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values of new diagnostic techniques were compared to conventional merthiolate-iodine-formalin, conventional Bailenger and modified Ritchie. Furthermore, the kappa coefficient was calculated to evaluate the correlation between the new kit and those of modified Ritchie. Out of the 117 patients examined, 102 presented with a parasite, or prevalence of 87.1%. The Fumouze techniques proved to be as effective as the conventional methods in detecting flagellates and helminths with sensitivities ranging from 97 to 100%. However, conventional techniques were slightly more sensitive in identifying Endolimax nana and Blastocystis hominis. The correlation was nearly perfect (k = 0.83 and 1), respectively between Bailenger Fumouze, Iodesine Fumouze and modified Ritchie in identifying helminths while it was just acceptable (k = 0.27 and 0.28) in identifying B. hominis. The modified Ritchie technique routinely used in our laboratory remains a good diagnostic tool. However, the use of kit techniques was interesting when reading the pellet after concentration and the Colour KOP staining was a considerable contribution to the diagnosis of the vegetative forms. Therefore, it would be interesting to determine the cost of a stool test using Fumouze kit techniques to provide the most cost effective way.