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Bandgap Narrowing in Bi-Doped CH3NH3PbCl3 Perovskite Single Crystals and Thin Films

Zhang, Zhan, Ren, Lixia, Yan, Hong, Guo, Shujin, Wang, Shuanhu, Wang, Min, Jin, Kexin
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2017 v.121 no.32 pp. 17436-17441
absorption, crystallization, crystals, electrodes, energy, gold, semiconductors, temperature
Single crystals of heterovalent Bi-doped CH₃NH₃PbCl₃ perovskite have been successfully grown through the inverse temperature crystallization method. Bandgap narrowing of 300 meV (a 55 nm red-shifting absorption edge) is obtained for the nominal 20% Bi-doped crystal with the host structure and the energy at the top of the valence band invariable. It is observed that the contact between the Au electrodes and single crystals transforms from Ohmic to Schottky, and the conductivity increases with increasing Bi doping level. By contrast, the Bi-doped CH₃NH₃PbCl₃ thin films are also prepared, and the similar bandgap narrowing is found, although the narrowing degree is less than that in single crystals. This work has a comprehensive understanding of Bi-doped single crystals and thin films, providing further optoelectronic applications for these promising solution-processed hybrid perovskite semiconductor materials.