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A set of new 1RS translocations from wheat cv. Amigo in a uniform genetic background

Lukaszewski, Adam J.
Euphytica 2017 v.213 no.9 pp. 214
centromeres, chromosome translocation, cultivars, genetic background, genetic resistance, pest resistance, plant breeding, root systems, rye, substitution lines, wheat
Wheat-rye translocation 1RS.1AL from cv. Amigo is still popular in wheat breeding and commercial cultivars. It introduces several disease and pest resistance genes from rye into wheat, and appears to enhance root system development. To create a set of uniform stocks for precise tests, the rye arm 1RS was separated from the wheat arm in the translocation by misdivision of centromeres in univalents, fused into a complete chromosome 1R, and then re-translocated to all group-1 wheat chromosomes 1A, 1B and 1D, creating a set of three translocation and three substitution lines in a uniform background of cv. Pavon 76. Misdivision frequencies of the chromosomes mirrored those observed earlier in that shorter chromosomes broke less frequently than the long ones, and chromosomes from previous misdivision-fusion events misdivided more frequently than normal intact chromosomes. This set of chromosome lines with 1RS from cv. Amigo increases to three the number of such translocations stocks in wheat.