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Altitudinal variation in body size and age in male spot-legged treefrog (Polypedates megacephalus)

Jin, Long, Chen, Cheng, Liao, Wen Bo
Russian journal of ecology 2017 v.48 no.5 pp. 476-481
Hylidae, Polypedates megacephalus, age structure, body size, longevity, males, sexual maturity
Body size variation across environmental gradients has received considerable attention in evolutionary ecology in recent years. In this study, we investigated body sizes and age structure using skeletochronology in male Polypedates megacephalus from five sites with the attitude ranging from 449 to 1300 m. The results showed age at sexual maturity in males was 2 years old, and the longevity was 5 years old except for Changning population of 3 years. Body size was significantly correlated with age within each population except for Changning population. Average age did not differ significantly among populations. Body size of individuals also did not differ across populations when removing the effect of age, which did not follow Bergmann’s rule.