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Database and Bioinformatics Studies of Probiotics

Tao, Lin, Wang, Bohua, Zhong, Yafen, Pow, Siok Hoon, Zeng, Xian, Qin, Chu, Zhang, Peng, Chen, Shangying, He, Weidong, Tan, Ying, Liu, Hongxia, Jiang, Yuyang, Chen, Weiping, Chen, Yu Zong
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2017 v.65 no.35 pp. 7599-7606
bioinformatics, clinical trials, databases, field experimentation, humans, microbiome, plants (botany), probiotics
Probiotics have been widely explored for health benefits, animal cares, and agricultural applications. Recent advances in microbiome, microbiota, and microbial dark matter research have fueled greater interests in and paved ways for the study of the mechanisms of probiotics and the discovery of new probiotics from uncharacterized microbial sources. A probiotics database named PROBIO was developed to facilitate these efforts and the need for the information on the known probiotics, which provides the comprehensive information about the probiotic functions of 448 marketed, 167 clinical trial/field trial, and 382 research probiotics for use or being studied for use in humans, animals, and plants. The potential applications of the probiotics data are illustrated by several literature-reported investigations, which have used the relevant information for probing the function and mechanism of the probiotics and for discovering new probiotics. PROBIO can be accessed free of charge at