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Successful use of digoxin‐specific immune Fab in the treatment of severe Nerium oleander toxicosis in a dog

Pao‐Franco, Amaris, Hammond, Tara N., Weatherton, Linda K., DeClementi, Camille, Forney, Scott D.
Journal of veterinary emergency and critical care 2017 v.27 no.5 pp. 596-604
Nerium oleander, arrhythmia, dogs, females, immunoglobulins, long term effects, poisoning, poisonous plants
OBJECTIVE: To describe a case in which digoxin‐specific immune Fab was used successfully in a dog with severe oleander toxicosis secondary to ingesting plant material. CASE SUMMARY: A 6‐year‐old intact female Rhodesian Ridgeback mixed breed dog was presented for severe oleander toxicosis and was refractory to all antiarrhythmic therapies and supportive care. Digoxin‐specific immune Fab was successful in treating this dog. The dog recovered but suffered ischemic injuries, the long‐term effects of which are unknown. NEW OR UNIQUE INFORMATION PROVIDED: This report describes the successful use of digoxin‐specific immune Fab in the treatment of oleander toxicosis in a dog, which has not previously been published in veterinary literature. Oleander poisoning can be associated with permanent cardiac arrhythmias due to the ischemic damage.