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Registration of ‘Sunshine’ Hard White Winter Wheat

Scott D. Haley, Jerry J. Johnson, Frank B. Peairs, John A. Stromberger, Emily E. Hudson-Arns, Scott A. Seifert, Victoria A. Anderson, Guihua Bai, Xianming Chen, Robert L. Bowden, Yue Jin, James A. Kolmer, Ming-Shun Chen, Bradford W. Seabourn
Journal of plant registrations 2017 v.11 no.3 pp. 289-294
Agricultural Research Service, Triticum aestivum, agricultural experiment stations, baking quality, breeding methods, cultivars, flour, grain yield, hard white wheat, identity preservation, marketing, milling industry, milling quality, researchers, wheat straw, winter wheat, Colorado, Great Plains region, Kansas, Minnesota, Washington (state)
‘Sunshine’ (Reg. No. CV‐1129, PI 674741) hard white winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) was developed by the Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station and released in August 2014 through a marketing agreement with the Colorado Wheat Research Foundation. In addition to researchers at Colorado State University, USDA‐ARS researchers at Manhattan, KS, St. Paul, MN, and Pullman, WA participated in its development. Sunshine was developed with the objective of making available a hard white winter wheat cultivar with improved grain yield and straw strength and similar milling and baking qualities to ‘Snowmass’ hard white winter wheat. Both Snowmass and Sunshine are grown in Colorado and adjacent areas of the west‐central Great Plains in an identity‐preserved marketing system whereby a grower premium is paid through a contract with a flour milling company. Sunshine was developed with a modified‐bulk breeding method from the cross KS01HW152‐6/HV9W02‐267W made in 2005 at Fort Collins, CO. Following two generations (F₂ and F₃) of bulk‐population evaluation, Sunshine was selected as an F₃:₄ line in July 2009, assigned experimental line number CO09W293, and evaluated in replicated yield trials from 2012 to 2014 in eastern Colorado.