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The SRFR 5 modeling system for surface irrigation

E. Bautista, J. L. Schlegel, A. J. Clemmens
Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering 2016 v.142 no.1 pp. 1-11
algorithms, computer software, equations, models, surface irrigation
The SRFR program is a modeling system for surface irrigation. It is a central component of WinSRFR, a software package for the hydraulic analysis of surface irrigation systems. SRFR solves simplified versions of the equations of unsteady open channel flow coupled to a user selected infiltration model. SRFR was reprogrammed using a modern object-oriented architecture with the objective of facilitating its continued development and, thus, the addition of new modeling options and functionalities. The upgraded software is SRFR 5. An important component of the modeling system is the code that manages computational incidents. While the computational methods used by SRFR 5 have been widely tested and are generally robust, calculations are prone to failures due to failures of the algorithms used to solve the non-linear finite difference system of equations, discretization problems, and problems with the determination of the appropriate boundary condition at each computational time step. Code that manages computational incidents has been greatly enhanced in SRFR 5. SRFR 5 has undergone systematic testing, partly to fix programming errors, but also to improve computations leading to unacceptable volume balance errors. This article discusses the SRFR 5 modeling system, and provides details about its computational methods, architecture, and new features.