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Evaluation of a thermostable Newcastle disease virus strain TS09-C as an in-ovo vaccine for chickens

Wen, Guoyuan, Li, Lintao, Yu, Qingzhong, Wang, Hongling, Luo, Qingping, Zhang, Tengfei, Zhang, Rongrong, Zhang, Wanpo, Shao, Huabin
Plos One 2017 v.12 no.2
Newcastle disease virus, biosafety, chickens, hatching, histopathology, immune response, intestines, lesions (animal), poultry industry, strains, thermal stability, tissues, trachea (vertebrates), vaccination, vaccines, virulence, viruses
In-ovo vaccination is an attractive immunization approach for poultry industry. However, most of the Newcastle disease virus (NDV) vaccine strains used after hatch are unsafe, as in-ovo vaccines, due to their high pathogenicity for chicken embryos. In this study, we evaluated the safety and immunogenicity of a thermostable NDV strain TS09-C, derived from V4 strain, as in-ovo vaccine. Chickens in-ovo vaccinated with the parental V4 strain displayed greatly reduced hatchability and severe histopathological lesions in both trachea and intestine tissues, while the hatchability was not affected by in-ovo vaccination withTS09-C strain. The safe dose that infected all chicken embryos without obviously histopathological lesions was 10(3.0) EID50 per bird. In-ovo vaccination of chickens with TS09-C virus conferred complete protection against virulent NDV challenge. Results suggest that the thermostable NDV strain TS09-C is a safe and immunogenic in-ovo vaccine candidate that can be delivered quickly and uniformly, and induce earlier immune response.