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Outbreaks of ulcerative disease associated with ranavirus infection in barcoo grunter, Scortum barcoo (McCulloch & Waite)

P Kayansamruaj, A Rangsichol, H T Dong, C Rodkhum, M Maita, T Katagiri, N Pirarat
Journal of fish diseases 2017 v.40 no.10 pp. 1341-1350
Micropterus salmoides, Santee-Cooper ranavirus, Scortum barcoo, coat proteins, farms, fish, genes, hemorrhage, inclusion bodies, kidneys, mortality, muscles, necrosis, nucleotide sequences, polymerase chain reaction, skin lesions, spleen, viruses, Thailand
In 2013, an outbreak of ulcerative disease associated with ranavirus infection occurred in barcoo grunter, Scortum barcoo (McCulloch & Waite), farms in Thailand. Affected fish exhibited extensive haemorrhage and ulceration on skin and muscle. Microscopically, the widespread haemorrhagic ulceration and necrosis were noted in gill, spleen and kidney with the presence of intracytoplasmic eosinophilic inclusion bodies. When healthy barcoo grunter were experimentally challenged via intraperitoneal and oral modes with homogenized tissue of naturally infected fish, gross and microscopic lesions occurred with a cumulative mortality of 70–90%. Both naturally and experimentally infected fish yielded positive results to the ranavirus‐specific PCR. The full‐length nucleotide sequences of major capsid protein gene of ranaviral isolates were similar to largemouth bass virus (LMBV) and identical to largemouth bass ulcerative syndrome virus (LBUSV), previously reported in farmed largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides L.), which also produced lethal ulcerative skin lesions. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of a LMBV‐like infection associated with skin lesions in barcoo grunter, adding to the known examples of ranavirus infection associated with skin ulceration in fish.