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Origin of low-molecular mass aldehydes as disinfection by-products in beverages Part A Chemistry, analysis, control, exposure & risk assessment

Serrano, María, Gallego, Mercedes, Silva, Manuel
Food additives & contaminants 2017 v.34 no.9 pp. 1461-1473
acetaldehyde, benzaldehyde, byproducts, disinfection, formaldehyde, ingredients, mass spectrometry, ripening, soft drinks
A novel, simple and automatic method based on static headspace–gas chromatography–mass spectrometry has been developed to determine 10 low-molecular mass aldehydes that can be found in beverages, coming from the treated water used in their production. These aldehydes are the most frequently found in treated water as water disinfection by-products, so they can be used as indicators of the addition of treated water to beverages. The study covered a large number of fruit juices and soft drinks. The presence of the whole array of analytes is related to the contact with treated water during beverage production, mainly by the addition of treated water as ingredient. In particular, propionaldehyde, valeraldehyde and benzaldehyde can be used as indicators of the addition of treated water in these kinds of beverages. Among the ten aldehydes, only formaldehyde and acetaldehyde are naturally present in all kinds of fruit, and their concentrations are related to stage of the ripening of the fruit.