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Investigations on sputter-coated cotton fabric with regard to their microstructure, antibacterial, hydrophobic properties and thermal stability

Khamseh, Sara, Tekieh Fatemi, Seyed Mohsen, Koozegar kaleji, Behzad, Sadeghi-Kiakhani, Mousa
The journal of the Textile Institute 2017 v.108 no.12 pp. 2184-2190
argon (noble gases), bacteria, copper, cotton, cotton fabric, films (materials), hydrophobicity, microstructure, nitrogen, oxygen, thermal stability, titanium, titanium dioxide
TiON and TiON/Cu films were RF-sputtered on cotton surface under a mixed atmosphere of Ar/N ₂/O ₂. An amorphous-like structure with broadened peaks was formed in the TiON film when TiON/Cu films became crystalline with an increase in Cu contents. The deposited TiON/Cu films showed anatase TiO ₂ phase. TiON-coated cotton fabrics were about 90% efficacious in bacterial reduction. A sharp increase in bacterial cell reduction was observed when Cu was added to the TiON film. In addition, the contact angle of the coated cotton fabrics was higher than that of the uncoated samples. However, the contact angle of the TiON/Cu-coated cotton fabrics with different Cu contents ranged between 115° and 130°. TGA analysis indicated that TiON and TiON/Cu films had no negative effect on thermal stability of the cotton fabric.