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Innovations in the food packaging market: active packaging

Wyrwa, Joanna, Barska, Anetta
European food research & technology 2017 v.243 no.10 pp. 1681-1692
active food packaging, antimicrobial packaging, ethylene, food contact surfaces, food industry, food research, food safety, foods, markets, oxygen, shelf life
The requirements towards packaging and articles intended to come into contact with food are systematically growing. Due to the growing consumer interest in consumption of fresh products with extended shelf life and controlled quality, manufacturers have to provide modern and safe packaging. It is a challenge for the food packaging industry and also acts as a driving force for the development of new and improved concepts of technology packaging. It is in order to meet these needs that active packaging can be applied. This article presents a new generation of packaging, which allows to maintain and even improve the quality of the packaged product, which is an essential advantage particularly in the food industry. It is to this end that the role and the application of active packaging were discussed. Among the solutions belonging to the active packaging, there are oxygen and moisture scavengers, ethylene regulators, and antimicrobial packaging. Active packaging is an excellent solution for a wide range of applications in the food industry. The most important advantage resulting from their use is reduction in loss of food products due to extension of their shelf life. Active systems are the future direction for development of food packaging and their commercial success should be expected in the coming years. It will undoubtedly result from constantly improved technologies of their production and the knowledge about mechanisms of their functioning and the effectiveness of their operation in ensuring food safety accumulated by both producers and consumers over time.