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Kinetic Study of High-Intensity Ultrasound-Assisted Maillard Reaction in a Model System of D-Glucose and L-Methionine

Yu, Hang, Keh, Ming Ze Mitchell, Seow, Yi-Xin, Ong, Peter K.C., Zhou, Weibiao
Food and bioprocess technology 2017 v.10 no.11 pp. 1984-1996
Maillard reaction, activation energy, free radical scavengers, glucose, heat treatment, hydroxyl radicals, isomerization, melanoidins, models, pH, temperature, ultrasonic treatment, ultrasonics
A Maillard reaction (MR) model system of D-glucose and L-methionine at pH of 10.0 assisted by high-intensity ultrasound was studied based on a MR scheme. Activation energy (E ₐ) values for the depletion of D-glucose and the generation of intermediate MR products (MRPs), including 1-deoxyglucosone (1-DG) and 3-deoxyglucosone (3-DG), were calculated. The E ₐ values in ultrasonic MR were further compared with those obtained using a conventionally thermal treatment under the same processing temperature and duration. Results indicated that the E ₐ values for the depletion of D-glucose and the generation of 1-DG and 3-DG in ultrasonic MR were significantly lower than those in thermal MR, whereas the E ₐ values for the isomerization of D-glucose in ultrasonic MR was significantly higher than that in thermal MR. Moreover, melanoidins and methional generated in ultrasonic MR were found to have always significantly higher concentrations than those in thermal MR. Similarly, the concentration of another volatile MRP in ultrasonic MR, i.e., 2,5-dimethylpyrazine, was higher than that in thermal MR but not always significantly. Lastly, the samples processed by ultrasound had significantly higher free radical scavenging capacities compared with the samples by thermal MR at 60 °C; however, no significant difference was found at relatively high processing temperatures, i.e., 70 and 80 °C. These findings may be due to active hydroxyl radicals (·OH) generated by cavities under a high temperature and pressure environment that was produced by high-intensity ultrasound wave.