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Physical, Rheological, Functional, and Film Properties of a Novel Emulsifier: Frost Grape Polysaccharide from Vitis riparia Michx

Hay William T., Vaughn Steven F., Byars Jeffrey A., Selling Gordon W., Holthaus Derek M., Price Neil P. J.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2017 v.65 no.39 pp. 8754-8762
Vitis riparia, emulsifiers, emulsifying, emulsions, frost, glycoproteins, grapes, gum arabic, nitrogen, rheology, temperature, tensile strength, thermal degradation, thermal stability, viscosity
A novel emulsifier, Frost grape polysaccharide (FGP), isolated from natural exudate of the species Vitis riparia Michx, was physically and rheologically characterized. The determination of the physical, structural, thermodynamic, emulsification, film, and rheological properties of FGP provide essential details for the commercial adoption of this novel plant polysaccharide. FGP is capable of producing exceptionally stable emulsions when compared with the industrially ubiquitous gum arabic (GA). The FGP isolate contained a negligible amount of nitrogen (0.03%), indicating that it does not contain an associated glycoprotein, unlike GA. Solutions of FGP have a high degree of thermostability, displaying no loss in viscosity with temperature cycling and no thermal degradation when held at 90 °C. FGP is an excellent film former, producing high tensile strength films which remain intact at temperatures up to 200 °C. This work identified a number of potential food and pharmaceutical applications where FGP is significantly superior to GA.