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In silico identification and characterization of stress and virulence associated repeats in Salmonella

Das, Gourab, Das, Surojit, Dutta, Shanta, Ghosh, Indira
Genomics 2017
Salmonella Typhi, genes, genomics, loci, minisatellite repeats, pathogenesis, serotypes, typhoid fever, virulence
So much genomic similarities yet causing different diseases, is like a paradox in Salmonella biology. Repeat is one of the probes that can explain such differences. Here, a comparative genomics approach is followed to identify and characterize repeats that might play role in adaptation and pathogenesis. Repeats are non-randomly distributed in the genomes except few typhoid causing strains. Perfect long repeats are rare compare to polymorphic ones and both are statistically consistent. Significant differences in repeat densities in stress related genes manifest its probable participation in survival and virulence. 573 and 1053 repeat loci have been identified which are exclusively associated with stress and virulent genes respectively. In Salmonella Typhi, an octameric VNTR locus is found in between acrD and yffB genes having more than 25 perfect copies across Salmonella Typhi but possesses only single copy in other serovars. This repeat can be used as a diagnostic probe for typhoid.