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Presence of trace elements in the silverside Odontesthes argentinensis

Thompson, Gustavo A., Volpedo, Alejandra V.
Marine pollution bulletin 2017 v.123 no.1-2 pp. 127-132
Odontesthes argentinensis, barium, cadmium, closed loop systems, copper, fish, fisheries, humans, lead, manganese, muscles, otoliths, seawater, stomach, strontium, temperate zones, tissues, water pollution, zinc, zooplankton, South America
The silverside Odontesthes argentinensis is an economically significant resource for commercial fisheries in South America. We evaluated the presence of trace elements in the stomach content and fish tissues (muscle and otoliths) of O. argentinensis. In addition, we assessed the presence of trace elements in its prey (zooplankton) and in seawater in a coastal temperate area. The most abundant trace elements found in the water, zooplankton, stomach content, and fish tissues (muscle and otoliths) constituted of Ba, Mn, Sr and Zn, while Cd, Cu and Pb were observed in lower concentrations. We concluded that O. argentinensis specimens captured from the environment, within the length range analyzed for muscle samples (total length: <21cm), are deemed fit for human consumption because the concentrations of trace elements mostly meet the standards established in the Argentine Food Code. The information obtained in this study is vital for O. argentinensis farming in closed systems.