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A randomized, open label trial to evaluate and compare the immunogenicity and safety of a novel liquid hexavalent DTwP-Hib/Hep B-IPV (EasySix™) to licensed combination vaccines in healthy infants

Mohanty, Lalitendu, Sharma, Sunil, Behera, Beauty, Panwar, Sachin, Paliwal, Charu, Gupta, Anu, Chilkoti, Deepak Chandra, Singh, Anit
Vaccine 2018 v.36 no.17 pp. 2378-2384
antibodies, antigens, complications (disease), immune response, infants, liquids, vaccines
Immunogenicity and safety of a newly developed liquid DTwP-Hib/HepB-IPV hexavalent vaccine (EasySix™) was evaluated and compared with administration of commercially licensed Pentavac SD® (DTwP-HepB/Hib) and Imovax Polio® vaccine in an open-label, randomized multi-centric trial. 284 participants, aged 6–10weeks, randomized in a 1:1 allocation, received three doses of test or comparator vaccines, administered 4weeks apart. Immunogenicity of the vaccines was determined by measuring the baseline and post-vaccination antibody responses and comparing the proportions of subjects achieving seroprotection against the vaccine antigens; safety was evaluated in terms of solicited (local and systemic) and unsolicited incidences in the follow up phase. Post-vaccination, seroprotection was achieved against all six vaccine antigens in both vaccine groups. The seroresponse rate as well as geometric mean titers of antibody for all vaccine components were comparable between EasySix™ and Pentavac SD®-Imovax Polio® group. Both vaccines had similar reactogenicity profiles and were well tolerated; all adverse events resolved completely without any sequelae. Only one serious adverse event was reported that completely resolved; it was regarded unconnected to the vaccine administered. This study demonstrated that immunogenicity and safety profiles of EasySix™ vaccine, manufactured by Panacea Biotec Ltd, are non-inferior to the commercially available vaccines.Clinical trial registration: CTRI/2015/02/005578.