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l- Theanine: An astounding sui generis integrant in tea

Sharma, Eshita, Joshi, Robin, Gulati, Ashu
Food chemistry 2018 v.242 pp. 601-610
antineoplastic agents, bioavailability, clinical trials, food industry, functional foods, human health, ingredients, neoplasm cells, nonprotein amino acids, shoots, synthesis, taste, tea, umami
l-theanine (l-Th), a non-protein amino acid present in tea, is a valuable nutraceutical product with unique health benefits and used as an additive in food industry. l-Th enhances the umami taste but its use is limited due to its inadequate production. Different extraction approaches from tea shoots, chemical synthesis to microbial transformation have been tried to meet its demand. In vitro, in vivo as well as clinical studies have shown its positive effect in regulating CNS disorders. l-Th has become choice ingredient in CNS active products due to its anti-stress and neuroprotective role in dementias particularly in retrogression of Alzheimer’s. l-Th biochemically modulates various anti-neoplastic agents by increasing their bioavailability in tumour cells. The review, is an effort to condense the recent research on l-Th highlighting its biological resource, plausible role in tea plant, production approaches, its physiological role on human health and future prospects.