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Arabidopsis thaliana cold-regulated 47 gene 5′-untranslated region enables stable high-level expression of transgenes

Yamasaki, Shotaro, Sanada, Yuji, Imase, Ryoji, Matsuura, Hideyuki, Ueno, Daishin, Demura, Taku, Kato, Ko
Journal of bioscience and bioengineering 2018 v.125 no.1 pp. 124-130
5' untranslated regions, Arabidopsis thaliana, data collection, enhancer elements, environmental factors, gene expression, microarray technology, transgenes, translation (genetics)
Transgene expression is regulated through several steps, this study focuses on the mRNA translation step. The expression level of transgenes can be increased by 5′-untranslated region (5′UTR) sequences in certain genes which act as translational enhancers. On the other hand, translation in most mRNA species is repressed by growth, development, and stress events. There is a possibility that transgene mRNA is also repressed in these conditions, despite the use of a translational enhancer. Therefore, a consistently efficient translational enhancer is needed to develop a reliable transgene expression system. Herein we searched for mRNAs translated stably under different growth, development and environmental conditions using data sets of polysome fraction assays and microarray analysis. Correct 5′UTR sequences of candidate genes were determined by cap analysis of gene expression and we tested translational ability of the candidate 5′UTRs by reporter assays. We found the 5′UTR of cold-regulated 47 gene to be an effective translational enhancer, contributing to stable high-level expression under various conditions.