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Biological and molecular characterization of a US isolate of Hosta Virus X

Carola M. De La Torre, Feng Qu, Margaret G. Redinbaugh, Dennis J. Lewandowski
Phytopathology 2012 v.102 no.12 pp. 1176-1181
Hosta virus X, complementary DNA, cultivars, disease resistance, genome, nucleotide sequences, pathogenicity, plant viruses, United States
Hosta virus X (HVX) is rapidly becoming a serious pathogen of commercially important hosta plants worldwide. We report here a biological and molecular characterization of a US isolate of HVX, HVX-37. HVX-37 infectivity was tested in 21 hosta cultivars over three growth seasons, and three types of responses were defined based upon the ability of the virus to cause local and/or systemic infections. Four cultivars resistant to systemic HVX infection were identified. The full length sequence of the HVX-37 genome was determined, the first complete sequence of a U.S. HVX isolate. Comparison with the previously sequenced HVX-Korea (Kr) genome revealed a high level of sequence similarity, as well as some differences. Notably, a 105 nucleotide long, near perfect direct repeat in the Kr isolate is absent in HVX-37. The accuracy of the HVX-37 genome sequence was confirmed by infectivity of in vitro transcripts synthesized from a full-length HVX-37 cDNA on N. benthamiana and hosta plants.