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Minerals profile of two globe artichoke cultivars as affected by NPK fertilizer regimes

Lombardo, Sara, Pandino, Gaetano, Mauromicale, Giovanni
Food research international 2017 v.100 pp. 95-99
Mediterranean diet, NPK fertilizers, artichokes, calcium, cultivars, iron, minerals, nitrogen, nitrogen content, nutritive value, phosphorus, potassium, soil properties, zinc, Italy
Globe artichoke is a proven source of various minerals (such as K, Fe and Zn) in the Mediterranean diet, but their content in response to fertilizer regime has not yet been investigated sufficiently. Thus, we monitored the effect of two contrasting nitrogen/phosphorus/potassium (NPK) fertilizer regimes (one balanced and the other excessive) on the minerals accumulation of ‘Apollo’ and ‘Tema 2000’ cultivars, grown in three Sicilian locations (‘Landolina’, ‘Iannarello’ and ‘Zotto’) - South Italy. Except for total nitrogen, the balanced fertilizer regime favoured the accumulation of both macro- and micro-minerals, but with a different extent depending especially on trial location. Particularly, plants grown at ‘Iannarello’ responded more strongly to the fertilizer regime with respect to K, P, Ca, Fe and Zn accumulation, as a result of its different soil characteristics than the other locations. Providing a balanced supply of nitrogen/phosphorus/potassium via fertilization can enhance the nutritive value of globe artichoke, but taking into account especially soil characteristics.