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Effect of xanthan and guar gum on the pasting, stickiness and extensional properties of brown wheat flour/β-glucan composite doughs

Ahmed, Jasim, Thomas, Linu
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + [i.e. und] Technologie 2018 v.87 pp. 443-449
absorption, amylose, beta-glucans, breadmaking, dietary fiber, dough, guar gum, hydrocolloids, pasting properties, stickiness, texture, viscosity, wheat, wheat flour, xanthan gum
The use of dietary fiber enriched flour for bread making is steadily gaining importance because of its proven health benefits. The objective of the work was to assess the impact of xanthan (XG) and guar gum (GG) on the pasting profiles, stickiness and extensional properties of β-glucan incorporated brown wheat flour (BWF/BGC) composite dough systems. Water absorption of the blend flour increased significantly with increasing the concentration of hydrocolloids. Loading of both hydrocolloids (0.125–0.5 g/100 g) produced similar values of extensograph and stickiness parameters, nonetheless, it was observed that an addition of 0.25 g/100 g hydrocolloid could be effective to maintain a desirable dough texture. Biaxial measurement indicated that the incorporation of 0.25 g/100 g hydrocolloids improved the dough structure of BWF/BGC. The pasting viscosities of the blend dough including hot paste, cold paste and final viscosity increased significantly with increasing the hydrocolloids concentration. The pasting properties of BWF/BGC influenced by individual hydrocolloid, and the difference could be attributed by the complex formation among swelled starch, leached amylose and hydrocolloids.