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Effects of static magnetic fields on supercooling and freezing kinetics of pure water and 0.9% NaCl solutions

Otero, Laura, Rodríguez, Antonio C., Sanz, Pedro D.
Journal of food engineering 2018 v.217 pp. 34-42
ions, magnetic fields, magnetic materials, sodium chloride, supercooling
Previous papers in the literature show no agreement on the effects of static magnetic fields (SMFs) on water supercooling and freezing kinetics. Hypothetical effects of the SMF orientation and the presence of ions in the sample are also unclear. To shed light on this matter, we froze 10-mL pure water samples and 0.9% NaCl solutions subjected or not to the SMFs generated by two magnets. We found that the relative position of the magnet poles affected the magnetic field orientation, strength, and the spatial magnetic gradients established throughout the sample. Thus, the SMF strength ranged from 107 to 359 mT when unlike magnet poles faced each other whereas it ranged from 0 to 241 mT when like magnet poles were next to each other. At both conditions, we did not detect any effect of the SMFs on the time at which nucleation occurred, the extent of supercooling, and the phase transition and total freezing times in both pure water and 0.9% NaCl solutions. More experiments, under well-characterized SMFs, should be performed to definitively evaluate the ability of SMFs in improving food freezing.