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In vitro digestion and physicochemical characteristics of corn starch mixed with amino acid modified by low pressure treatment

Ji, Ying
Food chemistry 2018 v.242 pp. 421-426
amino acids, corn starch, crystal structure, digestibility, digestion, enthalpy, in vitro digestion, low pressure treatment, new variety, physicochemical properties, starch
The digestibility and molecular structure of corn starch mixed with amino acid modified by low-pressure treatment (LPT) was investigated. Amino acid induced a significant increase in the slowly digestible starch (SDS) and decrease in the rapidly digestible starch (RDS) after LPT. The reason is the formation of ester bond between the molecular chains of amino acid and starch. Low pressure treatment altered greatly the morphology of corn starch mixed with or without amino acid. After LPT, less ordered Maltese and more granule fragments were observed for starch-amino acid complex. An increase in size distribution was obvious after LPT and the size distribution curves provided from a new variety. We found that higher enthalpy and relative crystallinity of the starch-amino acid complex were associated with a higher SDS content. It can be inferred that LPT had a greater impact on the digestion and structural characterization of corn starch mixed with amino acids.