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Comparative evaluation of three different ELISA assays and HPLC-ESI-ITMS/MS for the analysis of Nε-carboxymethyl lysine in food samples

Gómez-Ojeda, Armando, Jaramillo-Ortíz, Sarahi, Wrobel, Katarzyna, Wrobel, Kazimierz, Barbosa-Sabanero, Gloria, Luevano-Contreras, Claudia, de la Maza, Maria Pia, Uribarri, Jaime, del Castillo, Ma. Dolores, Garay-Sevilla, Ma. Eugenia
Food chemistry 2018 v.243 pp. 11-18
bacon, beef, chickens, dairy products, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, fish, fruits, grain products, lysine, screening, vegetables
Nε-carboxymethyl-lysine (CML) is measured in food, but there is a controversy concerning the most convenient yet reliable method(s) for this task. This work compares three different ELISA assays and HPLC-ESI-ITMS/MS for the analysis of CML in several food items. The four methods showed the same decreasing order of CML concentration: beef, bacon>chicken > fish>dairy products>grain products>fruits/vegetables. HPLC-ESI-ITMS/MS results highly correlated with those obtained by ELISA performed with monoclonal CML-antibody (β=0.98, p<0.0001) whereas My Bio Source® kit results were not correlated with those provided by Lamider®. Small differences of CML concentrations in food items prepared by different culinary treatment were clearly distinguished by HPLC-ESI-ITMS/MS, but could not always be detected by ELISA. This work demonstrates a reasonable relationship between CM determined by ELISA and HPLC-ESI-ITMS/MS and therefore supports the implementation of ELISA in food CML/AGEs screening.