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Olive stone an attractive source of bioactive and valuable compounds

Rodríguez, Guillermo, Lama, Antonio, Rodríguez, Rocío, Jiménez, Ana, Guillén, Rafael, Fernández-Bolaños, Juan
Bioresource technology 2008 v.99 no.13 pp. 5261-5269
activated carbon, biomass, byproducts, cellulose, combustion, energy, explosions, feeds, fractionation, furfural, heat, hemicellulose, industry, lignin, lipids, olive oil, olives, phenols, plastics, proteins, resins, seeds, steam, sugars, wells
The olive stone and seed are an important byproduct generated in the olive oil extraction and pitted table olive industries. As a lignocellulosic material, the hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin are the main components of olive stone as wells as protein, fat, phenols, free sugars and poliols composition. The main use of this biomass is as combustion to produce electric energy or heat. Other uses such as activated carbon, furfural production, plastic filled, abrasive and cosmetic or other potential uses such as biosorbent, animal feed or resin formation have been cited. In this article, an overview of the characterization and main uses of olive stone and seed are described for the first time. Also, this review discusses the potential use of this material based on each component. In this way, a new approach to the olive stone and seed by pretreating with a steam explosion followed by chemical fractionation is described.