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Sensory perception of meat from entire male pigs processed by different heating methods

Peñaranda, Irene, Garrido, Ma Dolores, Egea, Macarena, Díaz, Pedro, Álvarez, Daniel, Oliver, Ma Angeles, Linares, Ma Belén
Meat science 2017 v.134 pp. 98-102
flavor, frying, hardness, heat treatment, juiciness, males, odors, ovens, pork, sensation, swine, texture
The aim of this study was to evaluate the perception of androstenone in pork from entire male pigs with different androstenone levels (High≥2mgkg−1; Medium 0.5–0.7mgkg−1) applying four different heating methods (vacuum, grill, oven and frying). Androstenone (AND) perception was analysed during and after cooking by a trained panel.During cooking, the highest score for AND odour (greatest perception) was obtained with the grill and vacuum, while frying was the best option for reducing its perception, which was judged to be imperceptible for androstenone medium level (P<0.05). In cooked samples, there were level, heating method and its interaction effects for AND odour and flavour, meat flavour, juiciness and hardness (P<0.05).The samples treated by vacuum and frying had a proper texture profile. However the frying method provided the lowest score in AND perception, making it the best option for reducing both AND odour and flavour. In short, the use of different heating methods strongly affected AND perception.