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Determination of mutagenic sensitivity of hardwood cuttings of grapes ‘Red Globe’ and ‘Muscat’ (Vitis vinifera L.) to gamma rays

Surakshitha, N.C., Soorianathasundaram, K., ganesan, N. Meenakshi
Scientia horticulturae 2017 v.226 pp. 152-156
Vitis vinifera, breeding, gamma radiation, grapes, hardwood cuttings, leaves, lethal dose 50, mutagens, mutants, mutation, wood
In a mutation breeding experiment, LD50 gives an indication of the response of different types of plant materials of a species to mutagen, so that the optimal dose(s) can be fixed to obtain higher recovery mutants with minimal population loss. In the present investigation hard wood cuttings of grape cv. ‘Red Globe’ and ‘Muscat’ were treated with ten different dosages of gamma rays ranging from 5 to 50Gy and compared along with an untreated set of control. The results revealed a gradual and significant reduction in survival of cuttings, shoot length, leaf length and leaf width with increase in dosage of gamma rays. There was a complete inhibition of survival (100%) over control in the treatments above 35Gy of gamma rays. The probit curve analysis based on the survival percentage and growth rate of treated cuttings revealed that, LD50 dosage of gamma rays to be 15–20Gy for ‘Red Globe’ and 15–25Gy for ‘Muscat’.