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Cryopreservation of eucalyptus genetic resources

E. Kaya, A Alves, L. Rodrigues, M. Jenderk, M. Hernandez-Ellis, A. Ozudogru, D. Ellis
CryoLetters 2013 v.34 no.6 pp. 608-618
Eucalyptus, cryopreservation, forest trees, forests, germplasm, germplasm conservation, nitrogen, plant genetic resources, shoots, sucrose, vitrification
The long-term preservation of forest genetic resources is a vital part of preserving our forest crops for future generations. Unfortunately there are few genebanks dedicated to forest trees and very few methods aside from field plantings of germplasm collections of elite clonal individuals. The use of cryopreservation for the long-term storage of elite germplasm is making good headway with agronomic crops but for forest trees, such as Eucalyptus, the methodology for cryopreservation of diverse genetic resources collections has not been established. We report the successful cryopreservation of a germplasm collection of in vitro shoot cultures of thirteen Eucalyptus lines. While sucrose sensitivity limited the application of encapsulation-dehydration, with droplet vitrification all thirteen lines had good survival after liquid nitrogen. A 30 minutes exposure to PVS2 yielded post-liquid nitrogen survival between 38% and 85% depending on the line. One hundred shoot tips from all thirteen lines are currently in long-term storage as a germplasm collection.