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Current applications and new opportunities for the thermal and non-thermal processing technologies to generate berry product or extracts with high nutraceutical contents

Li, Fuhua, Chen, Gu, Zhang, Bin, Fu, Xiong
Food research international 2017 v.100 pp. 19-30
anthocyanins, carbon dioxide, drying, electric field, energy, functional foods, high pressure treatment, irradiation, nonthermal processing, nutritive value, ohmic heating, ozone, polyphenols, temperature, ultrasonics
The demand from consumer for safe and nutritious berry and berry products has promoted the rapid development of non-conventional processing technologies. This review summarizes the recent advances of thermal and non-thermal processing technologies in berry and berry products, including microwave, ohmic heating, high pressure processing, irradiation, dense phase carbon dioxide, ultrasonic processing, pulsed electric field, ozone, membrane processing technologies, cold plasma, and hydrothermodynamic cavitation. These technologies individually or in combination have shown great potential for extraction, sterilization, drying, concentration and deacidfication. They could decrease processing time and temperature, improve processing efficiency and minimize nutritional losses, as well as reduce energy consumption. Given the nutritional benefits of anthocyanins and other polyphenols in berry, their content and compositional change during processing were highlighted, as well as the primarily studies of the underlying mechanisms. The advantage and limitation of these technologies are also discussed along with the perspective insight of their future development.