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Extraordinarily soft, medium-hard and hard Indian wheat varieties: Composition, protein profile, dough and baking properties

Katyal, Mehak, Singh, Narpinder, Virdi, Amardeep Singh, Kaur, Amritpal, Chopra, Nidhi, Ahlawat, Arvind Kumar, Singh, Anju Mahendru
Food research international 2017 v.100 pp. 306-317
air, ash content, baking quality, dough, flour, glutenins, hardness, molecular weight, muffins, pasting properties, polypeptides, protein content, rheology, viscosity, wheat
Hard wheat (HW), medium-hard wheat (MHW) and extraordinarily soft wheat (Ex-SW) varieties with grain hardness index (GHI) of 83 to 95, 72 to 80, 17 to 29 were evaluated for pasting, protein molecular weight (MW) distribution, dough rheology and baking properties. Flours from varieties with higher GHI had more protein content, ash content and paste viscosities. Ex-SW had more glutenins proportion as compared to HW and MHW. Flours from Ex-SW varieties showed lower NaSRC, WA and mixographic parameters as compared to HW and MHW. Dough from flours milled from Ex-SW had higher Intermolecular-β-sheets (IM-β-sheets) than those from MHW and HW. Muffins volume increased with decrease in GHI, Ex-SW varieties had more muffin volume and less air space. The accumulation of polypeptides (PPs) varied significantly in different varieties. Ex-SW variety (QBP12-10) showed accumulation of 98, 90, 81 and 79kDa PPs, which was unique and was different from other varieties.