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Inhibition of lipid oxidation in fried chips and cookies by Majorana syriaca

Al-Bandak, Ghada, Oreopoulou, Vassiliki
International journal of food science & technology 2011 v.46 no.2 pp. 290-296
Origanum, acetates, additives, antioxidants, cookies, corn oil, fried foods, frying, lipid peroxidation, oxidation, oxidative stability, peroxide value, potato chips
This study evaluates the antioxidant effectiveness of a natural extract obtained from Majorana syriaca in fried and baked foods. Majorana syriaca was extracted with ethyl acetate (yield 129 g kg⁻¹, dry basis) and the extract was added to refined corn oil at a concentration of 500 ppm. The oil was used in deep frying of potato chips at 185 °C and in making baked cookies. Potato chips and cookies were further subjected to accelerated oxidation at 70 °C. The protection of the frying oil was moderate as indicated by the polar content and conjugated dienes (CD) measurements, however, a remarkable improvement of the oxidative stability of the fried chips was observed through the decrease of peroxide value (PV) and CD by 59-72% and 51-79%, respectively, compared to samples with no additive. Also, the PV and CD of cookies decreased by 79% and 72%, respectively.