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A matter of hierarchy: activation of orfamide production by the post‐transcriptional Gac‐Rsm cascade of Pseudomonas protegens CHA0 through expression upregulation of the two dedicated transcriptional regulators

Sobrero, Patricio Martín, Muzlera, Andrés, Frescura, Julieta, Jofré, Edgardo, Valverde, Claudio
Environmental microbiology reports 2017 v.9 no.5 pp. 599-611
Pseudomonas protegens, biological control, data collection, lipopeptides, messenger RNA, multigene family, open reading frames, regulatory proteins, transcription (genetics), transcription factors, translation (genetics)
In this work, we surveyed the genome of P. protegens CHA0 in order to identify novel mRNAs possibly under the control of the Gac‐Rsm cascade that might, for their part, serve to elucidate as‐yet‐unknown functions involved in the biocontrol of plant pathogens and/or in cellular processes required for fitness in natural environments. In view of the experimental evidence from former studies on the Gac‐Rsm cascade, we developed a computational screen supported by a combination of sequence, structural and evolutionary constraints that led to a dataset of 43 potential novel mRNA targets. We then confirmed several mRNA targets experimentally and next focused on two of the respective genes that are physically linked to the orfamide biosynthetic gene cluster and whose predicted open‐reading frames resembled cognate LuxR‐type transcriptional regulators of cyclic lipopeptide clusters in related pseudomonads. In this report, we demonstrate that in strain CHA0, orfamide production is stringently dependent on a functional Gac‐Rsm cascade and that both mRNAs encoding transcriptional regulatory proteins are under direct translational control of the RsmA/E proteins. Our results have thus revealed a hierarchical control over the expression of orfamide biosynthetic genes with the final transcriptional control subordinated to the global Gac‐Rsm post‐transcriptional regulatory system.