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Smart pH-Responsive Polymer-Tethered and Pd NP-Loaded NMOF as the Pickering Interfacial Catalyst for One-Pot Cascade Biphasic Reaction

Jiang, Wei-Ling, Fu, Qi-Juan, Yao, Bing-Jian, Ding, Luo-Gang, Liu, Cong-Xue, Dong, Yu-Bin
ACS applied materials & interfaces 2017 v.9 no.41 pp. 36438-36446
catalysts, catalytic activity, coordination polymers, droplets, emulsifiers, emulsifying, emulsions, nanoparticles, pH, toluene
A Pd nano particle (NP)-loaded and nano metal–organic framework (NMOF)-based Pickering emulsifier is reported. The poly[2-(diethylamino)ethyl methacrylate)] (PDEAEMA) chains were grafted onto UiO-66-type NPs via a postsynthetic approach to generate PDEAEMA-g-UiO-66 NMOF (termed as MOF-3). The Pd NPs-loaded Pd@MOF-3 was synthesized via solution impregnation. Stable toluene-in-water Pickering emulsion was prepared with emulsifier Pd@MOF-3. Notably, the obtained Pd@MOF-3 is pH-responsive, and it is able to trigger the emulsification (at neutral condition) and demulsification (at acidic condition) of toluene droplets. Furthermore, it can be a highly active interfacial catalyst to effectively promote one-pot Knoevenagel condensation–hydrogenation cascade reaction at ambient conditions. The pH-responsive property allowed it to be in situ separated and recycled by demulsifying via simply tuning the pH value at the end of the reaction. This smart Pickering emulsion catalytic system is robust, and it can be recycled at least five times without loss of its catalytic activity.