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Tuber Position in the Ridge in Relation to the Planting Depth with the Technology of Simultaneous Planting and Final Ridge Formation

Vučajnk, Filip, Bernik, Rajko, Vidrih, Matej
American journal of potato research 2017 v.94 no.5 pp. 500-512
planting depth, soil, tubers
Simultaneous planting and final ridge formation using a deeper planting depth is necessary in order to achieve good soil cover of tubers and fewer green tubers. Three planting depths were used: planting depth 1 (the shallowest), planting depth 2 (the medium), and planting depth 3 (the deepest). Planting depth 3 led to the largest minimum distance of tubers from the ridge side, and the smallest percentage of tubers in the upper layer of the ridge (0 to 5 cm). However, the highest yield and percentage of green tubers and the smallest marketable yield occurred at the shallowest planting depth (1). The tuber cluster covers 80 to 90% of the area of the ellipse. Empty spaces surrounding the tuber cluster in the ridge also affect the percentage of green tubers in the ridge, which predominantly occur at planting depth 3 and are the rarest at planting depth 1.