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Chemical composition and nutritional value of three Tunisian wild edible mushrooms

Jedidi, Ibtissem Kacem, Ayoub, Imen Kacem, Philippe, Thonart, Bouzouita, Nabiha
Journal of food measurement & characterization 2017 v.11 no.4 pp. 2069-2075
Agaricus bisporus, Hydnum repandum, Lactarius deliciosus, Tricholoma, calcium, copper, crude fat, crude protein, essential amino acids, forests, free amino acids, iron, lipids, magnesium, mannitol, minerals, nutritive value, potassium, proteins, sodium, trehalose, volatile compounds, wild edible mushrooms, zinc, Tunisia
Numerous species of wild growing mushrooms are widely consumed as a delicacy in Tunisia. Three wild edible mushrooms species (Tricholoma equestre, Hydnum repandum, Lactarius deliciosus) are very abundant in the forests of Bizerte, North of Tunisia. The present work aims to evaluate the nutritional value of the mentioned mushrooms. Chemical composition (dry matter, crude protein, crude fats, total carbohydrates and ash), non volatile components content (soluble sugars, free amino acids) and minerals and trace elements (Na, K, Mg, Ca, Cu, Fe, Zn) were determined. A comparative essay with Agaricus bisporus (commercial species) was investigated. All studied wild edible mushrooms revealed that these species are rich sources of proteins (14.10–18.09 g/100 g dry weight) and low content of fats (3.35–8.35 g/100 g dry weight). The highest energetic contribution was observed by H. repandum (1615.40 kJ/100 g dry matter). However, L. deliciosus showed the highest concentration of essential amino acids (21.20 mg/g dry weight) and revealed the highest concentrations of carbohydrates (67.46 g/100 g dry weight). Mannitol and trehalose were the most abundant polyol and sugar. Potassium (K) and sodium (Na) are the most abundant minerals in analyzed samples. H. repandum showed the highest concentrations of K and Na (28052.05 and 5365.99 µg/g dry weight, respectively). The wild Tunisian mushroom species showed a high nutritional quality and prove to be excellent foods for low caloric diets.