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Valorisation of Tectona Grandis tree sawdust through the production of high activated carbon for environment applications

Cansado, Isabel Pestana da Paixão, Belo, Cristóvão Ramiro, Mourão, Paulo Alexandre Mira
Bioresource technology 2018 v.249 pp. 328-333
Tectona grandis, activated carbon, adsorbents, carbon dioxide, developing countries, income, industrialization, liquids, pesticides, pollutants, porosity, sawdust, temperature, trees, East Timor
This work presents a first approach concerning the use of Tectona Grandis tree sawdust (from East Timor) for high activated carbon production, by physical activation with carbon dioxide at different temperatures. The activated carbons (AC) obtained exhibit a well-developed porous structure with a pore size distribution varying from micro to mesopores. Selected AC was successfully evaluated for pesticide removal, specific to 4-chloro-2-methylphenoxyacetic acid, from the liquid phase. The results presented are very promising, allowing to establish that Tectona Grandis sawdust is as an excellent precursor for the basic AC production and allow to expect good performance of theses adsorbents on the removal of a broad range of pollutants. It should also be noted that, this achievement is very relevant for developing countries, such East Timor, where Tectona Grandis sawdust is available and may constitute a source of income creating a handle to the technical and industrial development of this region.