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Development and validation of a screening and quantification method for simultaneous determination of seven fluorescent whitening agents in commercial flour using UPLC–MS/MS

Wu, Yuluan, Xian, Yanping, Guo, Xindong, Chen, Liwei, Zhao, Xiaojuan, Wang, Bin, Wang, Li
Food chemistry 2018 v.243 pp. 162-167
bleaching agents, flour, fluorescence, screening
A sensitive UPLC–MS/MS method was established for the simultaneous determination of seven fluorescent whitening agents in flour matrix. Samples were ultrasonically extracted by trichloromethane-acetone. Then analytes were separated on a C18 column and detected by MS/MS. The developed method was validated in terms of the linearity, matrix effect, accuracy and precision. The method showed a good linearity (r>0.997) for all analytes in their respective concentration ranges. The LOQ for seven analytes were in the range of 2.5–25.0μg/kg. The matrix effect was not significant and almost negligible. The average recoveries of seven analytes from the negative samples spiked at three different concentrations were in a range from 81.5% to 105%. The intra-day precision and inter-day precision were in the ranges of 2.9–9.0% and 6.7–11.2%. The developed method was successfully applied to analyze forty commercial flours and FWA184 was detected in three samples with the concentrations of 31–60µg/kg.