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Biofilm based attached cultivation technology for microalgal biorefineries—A review

Wang, Junfeng, Liu, Wen, Liu, Tianzhong
Bioresource technology 2017 v.244 pp. 1245-1253
biofilm, bioreactors, biorefining, carbon dioxide, engineering, feedstocks, guidelines, harvesting, mass transfer, microalgae, models, nutrients, photoperiod
The attached cultivation for microalga has many superiorities over the conventional aqua-suspend methods, which make it a promising pathway to supply feedstock for microalgae based bio-refinery attempts. In this review, the current reports on bioreactor, application, modeling, substratum material and engineering aspects were summarized and the future research and developments should be focused on the following aspects: 1) Build principles and guidelines for rational structure design by studying the relationship of physiological properties with typical structures and light regimes; 2) Set up theory foundation of substratum material selection by studying the physic-chemical properties of algal cells and substratum materials; 3) Further understanding the mass transfer behaviors of both CO2 and nutrients in biofilm for enhanced growth rate and products accumulation; 4) New equipment and machines for inoculation, harvesting and moisture keeping should be developed and integrated with bioreactor structure.