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High efficient and non-invasive collection of ejaculates from rats using penile vibratory stimulation

Liu, Xiaoxing, baloch, Zulqarain, Wang, Ge, Xue, Senren, Huang, Qunshang, Yang, Shihua
Theriogenology 2018 v.106 pp. 192-197
anesthesia, biomedical research, ejaculation, electrical treatment, females, laboratory animals, progeny, rats, semen, sperm concentration, sperm quality
The rat is one of the most important experimental animals, which plays an indispensable role in biomedical research, particularly in reproduction. However, according to our best knowledge, there is no easy and efficient method available for semen collection from rats.In this study, we successfully collected semen through penile vibratory stimulation ejaculation (PVSE) from laboratory rats. This is an easier and more efficient method compared with rectal probe electro-ejaculation (RPE). We found that the ejaculation rate, volume, concentration and motility of semen collected with PVSE were substantially better than those of RPE. Although PVSE was time-consuming compared to RPE, the quality of semen was better; additionally, sperm concentration and motility of semen were significantly higher with a two-day interval between collections compared to a five-day interval. Moreover, we found that electrical stimulation, use of anesthesia and increased age of rats have a negative effect on sperm quality. In the last experiment, four fertile female rats were artificially inseminated with PVSE-collected semen, and healthy offspring were born.Here, for the first time, we established the repeated collection of semen using the PVSE method in rats.