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Genome-wide analysis and expression profiles of NTMC2 family genes in Oryza sativa

Huang, Rui, Zhao, Jin, Liu, Jin, Wang, Yingdian, Han, Shengcheng, Zhao, Heping
Gene 2017 v.637 pp. 130-137
Animalia, Arabidopsis thaliana, Oryza sativa, bioinformatics, developmental stages, genes, genome-wide association study, mammals, phylogeny, plasma membrane, rice, sequence homology
N-terminal-TM-C2 domain proteins (NTMC2), which share domain architecture and sequence similarity to synaptotagmins (Syts) in mammals and FAM62 (extended Syts) in metazoans, form a small gene family in plants. Previous studies showed that the Arabidopsis thaliana NTMC2 type 1.1 protein (NTMC2T1.1, named AtSyt1) possesses calcium- and membrane-binding activities that allow it to function in a plasma membrane repair pathway induced by stress. However, we lack understanding of the diverse biological roles of plant NTMC2 family genes. In this study, a total of 13 OsNTMC2 genes was identified through a comprehensive bioinformatics analysis of the rice (Oryza sativa L.) genome and classified into six OsNTMC2 groups (OsNTMC2T1 to OsNTMC2T6) based on phylogeny and motif constitution. OsNTMC2T1 to OsNTMC2T3 have two calcium-binding domains (C2A and C2B), but OsNTMC2T4 to OsNTMC2T6 have single C2 domain. The expression profiles of OsNTMC2 genes were analysed at different stages of vegetative and reproductive development. This analysis revealed that at least one OsNTMC2 gene was abundantly expressed at each stage of development. These results should facilitate research on this gene family and provide new insights elucidating their functions in higher plants.