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Hydrochemical study of Drean–Annaba aquifer system (NE Algeria)

Sayad, Lamine, Djabri, Larbi, Bouhsina, Saad, Bertrand, Catherine, Hani, Azzedine, Chaffai, Hicham
Journal of water and land development 2017 v.34 no.1 pp. 259-263
alluvium, aquifers, bicarbonates, chlorides, periodicity, rivers, seasonal variation, sulfates, surface water, water quality, wells, Algeria
Water quality is subject to frequent changes in the Drean-Annaba alluvium aquifer. Water-rock interaction can not be the only process that produces the observed modification, but dryness that the country knew during the last two decades has highly contributed to the water quality changes. During this period, irregularities in the distribution of rainfalls, in time and space, have been observed. As a result, a periodicity in hydrochemical changes in water of wells and rivers is noticed. Statistical, the principals components analysis (PCA) tools and Tickel diagram have been used to show, through chemical presentation, these effects. The results show, indeed, seasonal changes of water quality for the period 1999-2000. From a cationic point of view, a competition between alkaline and alkaline earths is shown. On the other hand, from an anionic point of view, there is a transition from chlorides to sulphates and may be to bicarbonates. The present work was carried out in a relatively small area and this was useful to show the relationship that existed between dryness and water quality of both the aquifer system and surface water.