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A low calorie and nutritive sorghum powdered drink mix: Influence of tannin on the sensorial and functional properties

Queiroz, Valéria Aparecida Vieira, Aguiar, Aline da Silva, de Menezes, Cícero Beserra, de Carvalho, Carlos Wanderlei Piler, Paiva, Caroline Liboreiro, Fonseca, Patrícia Costa, da Conceição, Renata Regina Pereira
Journal of cereal science 2018 v.79 pp. 43-49
Sorghum (Poaceae), anthocyanins, antioxidant activity, antioxidants, astringency, beverages, color, flour, functional properties, gluten-free foods, milk, odors, phenols, proteins, serving size, tannins, texture
Sorghum tannins are excellent antioxidants and may contribute to the health although their astringency is believed to be objectionable. This work aims to develop a low calorie and nutritive powdered drink mix with tannin-sorghum (PDT-3670) and tannin-free sorghum (PDTF-7064) extruded flours and to evaluate their sensorial, nutritional and functional properties. Both products were accepted on all attributes with acceptance from 70.9 to 93.2%. PDT-3670 had greater purchase intention than PDTF-7064 and better acceptability for flavor and overall acceptability. There was no difference in the aroma, texture and color acceptability between the two products. The antioxidant activity, phenols, tannins and anthocyanin contents were higher in the PDT-3670 powdered drink, having potential functional properties. Chemical analyzes indicated that both powdered formulates may be potential sources of fiber (7.9–9.1 g/100 g) and proteins (18.5 g/100 g). The serving size dissolved in water had 126.5–128.3 kcal and dissolved in milk 214–215.18 kcal. The tannin did not negatively influence the acceptance of drinks, and improved their functional properties. This nutritive and low calorie sorghum powdered drink mix has potential to be introduced, especially, into the gluten-free food market and can bring health benefits to the consumers.